Who Should Carry Out Roof Anchor Technology

Working with Roof Anchor technology is specialized work that must be carried out by OSHA qualified persons . The US Department of Labor has reported that 8% of all work-related trauma injuries that lead to death are due to falls. However, this can be avoided by putting the right people in the job through Qualified Person training and Competent Person training.

Osha Qualified Work Persons

Qualified Person: A Qualified Person is someone who is able to design and supervise the installation of fall protection systems.

Competent Person: A Competent person is someone who is able to identify hazards during the installation process. Additionally, this person is also able to stop work until the hazard is fixed and ensure that work can resume safely.

Here is How to Get Trained

The training process for each position is different. Competent Person training depends on the type of job. The person chosen to be the Competent Person on the job site should have sufficient knowledge of the work being done and exemplify expertise through their ability to complete the task. It is important that this person fully understands hazard recognition and knows how to carry out an emergency response.

When it comes to qualified person training , the training is a bit more involved when compared to competent person training . Qualified person training means that the person has completed a degree, earned a certification or has gained on-the-job experience. In addition to these credentials, this person is technically literate and takes part in projects that are design-related.

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